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47+ Popular Blogs That Accept Gardening Guest Posts

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Discover different blogs for gardening guest posts and a lot more!

Gardening enthusiasts and professional service providers need exposure to reach the right audience through every mean possible. Online presence is indispensable for becoming more visible to your audience. However, the high competition and the race to get a better ranking in SERPs make it hard.

Garden Guest Post

Link building is the most effective strategy for positioning your website as an authority, increasing the domain authority and chances to rank better in the search results. It helps to build credibility and position yourself as an expert besides improving domain authority. Among the different techniques of link building, guest posting or guest blogging is a great one.

Gardening Related Topics

Before you start your journey to make guest posts on gardening blogs, it’s essential to know all the related niches of gardening. It helps you find more and more options for posting the gardening guest posts and taking every opportunity to reach a broader audience.

Here are the most common gardening-related topics you should know:

Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is related to keeping environmental concerns as a top priority during gardening to grow non-genetically modified plants. It is all about using natural and sustainable ways of growing plants and using natural fertilizers and pesticides.

Gardening Tools

Tools required for preparing your garden, sowing the seeds, taking care of plants, maintaining your gardens, mowing the grass, etc., all come under the gardening tools category. The gardeners can make guest posts on gardening tools websites to share different with their target audience.

Grow Tent Gardening

Grow tent gardening is an approach to creating an optimal growing environment for plants to grow. Grow tents are commonly used for the indoor growing of plants or when external conditions are not feasible for a specific plant. The grow tents include fans, lights, carbon filters, flexible materials, etc., to provide the budding plants with the right conditions to fertilize and grow.

Backyard Gardening

Backyard gardening is the most common way of providing your kitchen with home-grown vegetables, fruits, fresh greens, etc. The audience of backyard gardening is mostly homeowners and women who experiment and learn by growing different plants.

Indoor Gardening

There is no dedicated front yard or backyard for gardening lovers in most modern infrastructure and buildings. Therefore, indoor gardening is also a popular gardening niche that focuses on plants that can be comfortably grown indoors. It also covers different techniques and styles of maintaining your indoor gardens.

Garden Design

Symmetrical, asymmetrical, geometric alignments, etc., are different ways different gardens are designed. Garden design and landscaping deal with planning, designing, and maintaining commercial and non-commercial gardens. Professional garden designers and gardeners provide services to design and plan aesthetically pleasing and practically functional gardens.

Gardening By Type Of Plants

Not every gardener is growing the same plants or all plants. Some gardeners focus on native gardening, which is about growing the native plants only. Other preferences of gardeners for growing their gardens can be focusing on flowering or non-flowering plants, etc.

Container Gardening

The gardeners often choose to grow the plants in different types of containers. The container garden is practical for both indoor and outdoor gardens. Container gardening includes using hanging baskets, planters, and pots to make aesthetically pleasing alignments in balconies, roof-top gardens, etc.

Water Gardening

Several plants naturally grow in pools and ponds. The water-adaptive plants are often grown in aquariums, bog gardens, or water tubs. Water gardening deals with growing such kinds of water-adaptive plants.  

Lawn Care and Maintenance

Lawn care and maintenance deal with taking care of your lawn, fertilizing, preparing for growing plants, seasonal trimming of plants, mowing of grass, etc. Pesticide treatments are also included in lawn care and maintenance.

Guest Post Submission on Gardening Blogs For Free

As discussed earlier, guest blogging is an effective strategy to improve domain authority, positioning, and audience reach. Bloggers and gardening businesses can choose gardening blogs that accept guest posts for free or paid ones.

Guest post submission on free gardening blogs is indeed a great opportunity and strategy when you’re starting to improve your website link-building. However, it’s important to ensure that you’re posting on quality blogs with relevant audiences and good domain authority.

We have listed some gardening blogs that accept guest posts for free. You can go through the list to filter non-competitor and relevant gardening-related blogs for guest blogging.

WebsiteDRTrafficSubmit Guest Article

Authoritative Gardening Blogs That Accepting Guest Posts

Gardening bloggers and businesses can do gardening guest posts in the authoritative gardening blogs linking back to their websites. The benefits of gardening guest posts in authoritative blogs are unbeatable as compared to the free guest posting.

Where free guest posting is good to increase the websites linking back to your website, authority blogs linking back to your website will:

  • Position you as an expert
  • Provides you a broader reach to your target audience
  • It improves the domain authority when more quality websites are linking back to your services.

Here are the authoritative gardening blogs that accept the guest posts by gardening businesses and bloggers:

Find Gardening Blogs That Accept Food Gardening Posts

You can use our list of gardening blogs that accept guest posts. There are other ways to find guest post opportunities. However, you can also search for different gardening blogs accepting gardening guest posts to increase the resources and options.

You have to search the terms for different niches in the Google search bar and check the relevant results. Search the following terms to find gardening blogs that accept guest posts.

Besides, you can also use our Search Term Generator tool that will give you different search terms for diverse niches of gardening.


If you want to make your gardening business or blog more successful and position yourself as an authority in the industry, you have to work on it. Guest posting, other organic SEO efforts, and link-building strategies can reap the benefits of better domain authority, expertise, conversions, and greater reach.

We hope that the blogs we have shared will provide a good start for your business. However, whichever blog you choose for gardening guest posts, make sure that you’re providing the readers with expert advice, useful information, and practical knowledge. It’s the ultimate success formula in the long run.

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