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60+ Health Guest Post Accepting Blogs

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Regardless of the industry, any business needs to strengthen its online presence and reach the audience through digital channels. The health industry and healthcare services providers also need to build an online presence and strengthen it with effective marketing strategies and SEO.

When we talk about SEO, link building is the most effective strategy to build a rapport with other stakeholders in the industry, improve your domain authority and reach new segments of your target audience. Different link-building strategies offer different benefits to the websites. However, guest posting is a strategy with multifold benefits.

guest bloggers wanted health

Health bloggers and businesses can develop relationships with other relevant blogs, introduce themselves to a broader audience, position themselves as experts, and improve their domain authority.

Health-Related Niches

Like any other industry, the health industry also covers a wide array of topics and niches. It’s important to identify different niches in the health industry because the bloggers and service providers can find out more options for health guest posting.

Here are the major niches that are covered under the category of health.

Disease & Medicine

In its essence, disease and medicine are the primary subjects of the health industry and health category. Disease and medicine are combined niches covering the ailments and cures. Most typically, the primary healthcare services and service providers are covered under this niche.

Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness

Healthy lifestyle and fitness is also a health-related niche that is very popular as well. With the growing obesity across the globe, the new health regime focuses on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fitness to avoid several diseases.


Hygiene refers to the common practices for maintaining physical health and control procedures to avoid different diseases. The main focus of hygiene is cleanliness, be it physical, surroundings, food, or environment.

Health Diagnostics and Testing

Health diagnostics and testing are all about different procedures and equipment the healthcare industry has been inventing and introducing to the industry for quick and accurate diagnosis of different diseases.

Health Technology

Health technology is an evolving side of the health industry that focuses on introducing tech-based solutions for healthcare services from IT systems, algorithms, artificial intelligence, data analytics, etc.

Child Healthcare

Child healthcare deals with monitoring and maintaining the health of the baby and mother. It also covers the growth and development milestones of infants and growing children.

Advanced Healthcare Equipment

Advanced healthcare equipment is all about the health systems and monitoring devices used in hospitals and healthcare settings. It includes remote patient monitoring, ventilators, depression and mood monitoring, and related medical devices.


Physiotherapy is a niche under the health category that focuses on rehabilitation patients with paralysis, chronic pains, injuries, etc., through exercises and workouts.

Mental Health

Mental health and wellness is the most popular topic in the health category. It deals with different problems and health issues related to mental illness. Practitioners have built a narrative that mental health and wellness are equally important as physical health. Depression, anxiety, frustration, and other risks are addressed under mental health.

Skin Care

Skincare is also a health-related niche that focuses on adopting practices to improve skin health and prevent skin-related diseases. Skincare also deals with different hormonal and aging effects on the skin and adopts practices to enhance skin appearance, slow down aging, etc.

Free Guest Post Submission on Health Related Blogs

Different practitioners and bloggers in the healthcare industry focus on providing their audience with information and content that is useful and practical. However, most of the blogs die soon because they don’t get the right exposure. The reason is that they don’t know how to increase exposure.

Free health guest posts, medical guest posts, health and wellness guest post, or guest post on mental health can be the start for the businesses and bloggers to start the link-building and get a broader reach.

We have listed some of the free health guest post blogs to promote your business.

WebsiteDRTrafficSubmit Guest Article

There is no doubt that basic link-building is an effective technique to get links referring back to your website. However, it’s essential to ensure that you make healthy guest posts in relevant, competitive, and free guest posts.

High Authority Health Blogs That Accepting Guest Posts

Free health guest posts are effective as a taking-off link-building strategy. However, your business needs real conversions and more authority added to the website as you move forward. Therefore, high authority health blogs that accept guest posts can provide you with the right exposure, positioning, and conversions.

It also lets you share useful information with your target audience to get high conversion rates and build a rapport with the health industry.

Here is the list of high authority health blogs for guest posting so you can get started to reach more audiences, position yourself as an expert, and improve the domain authority.

How To Find Health Guest Post Submitting Blogs

Although we have shared the ultimate list of 60+ health blogs that accept guest posts, bloggers and service providers can find more health blogs by themselves. We have got you covered if you’re looking for niche-specific health blogs like guest posts on mental health, medicine guest posts, etc.

Search the given terms for different niches in the Google search bar to see the results and bet the information needed to get started.

However, if you don’t see the search terms for a specific niche, you can use our Search Operator Tool to find the terms for searching in the Google search bar.


Health bloggers and practitioners should maximize the domain authority, reach a broader audience and bring useful information to the target audience with authority. It’s only possible with an effective link-building strategy and guest posting specific.

We hope that the 60+ health guest post blogs will serve as a milestone to proceed and start link building for your website. You can use our backlink checker tool to ensure that you’re posting son authority websites.

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