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50+ Authoritative Food Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

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Discover 50+ authoritative food blogs that accept guest posts and how to find quality blogs for publishing your articles.

Whether you’re a food blogger or a food-related company, your online presence will be strengthened with an effective SEO strategy. Off-page SEO or backlinking plays a pivotal role in improving the domain authority and positioning your website as an expert in the niche.

However, the backlink alone can’t be enough to get a better ranking in Google search results. When ranking one website higher than the other, Google algorithms also analyze the content quality.

Food Guest Posts

Therefore, you must focus on backlinking but not lose focus on the quality of content and services. Different strategies of backlinking include social bookmarking, broken link building, local citations, and guest posting.

Guest posting is one of the most effective ways in backlinking to improve your website ranking and build authority in the industry. This article contains everything you need to do food blog guest posts for the SEO efforts of your website. So let’s get into it.

Related Niches

Guest posting or any of the backlinking strategies doesn’t work well if you’re posting on irrelevant blogs. Therefore, it’s important to categorize and define your niche related to food before finding the right blog to do a guest post on.

Drinks And Beverages

Drinks and beverages include all soft drinks, wine, spirits, juices, milk, and all other alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks.

Coffee And Tea

Coffee and tea are also niches related to food. Milked and non-milked coffee & tea, cold coffee, green tea, black tea, and all kinds of coffee drinks come under this niche.


The kitchen is the hub where food is prepared, stored, and served. Therefore, kitchen hygiene, utensils, cooking ingredients, kitchen management, etc., all come under the category of food-related niches.

Food-Type Niche

The food-type niche includes different food types like vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan, etc. You can find the related niche according to your blog or business website.

Preparation-Type Food

Preparation-type foods can be categorized as baking, grilling, pressure cooker, boiling, sauteing, frozen, etc. For instance, a business selling baking equipment would be interested in doing kitchen guest posting on a baking website or another food-related blog and promoting their product.

Nutrition-Based Food

Nutrition-based food includes all the foods that are good for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and ditching diseases. Besides, it also includes all the nutritional facts and benefits of different types of food. Check out health blogs that accept guest posts.

Regional Food Type

Regional food type segregates the cuisine of different regions according to their taste. For instance, Asian food, Central and Eastern European Food, Skandinavien food, African food, Mediterranean food, etc.


Cuisine refers to a specific cooking style, and this food niche is very close to regional food types. However, the difference is narrowing the cuisines to the countries. For instance, Chinese food, Indian food, Italian food, Thai food, etc.

Vegan Food

Vegan food is a specific and emerging food niche that deals with food derived from plant sources. Any kind of dairy, meat, eggs, etc., is not included in vegan food.


Spices are a specific food niche that deals with herbs, seeds, fruit, roots, and other parts of different plants used as a flavoring for diverse cuisine. The most common examples of species include cumin seeds, coriander seeds, chili flakes, flax seeds, black pepper, white pepper, saffron, nutmeg, etc.

Food Farming

Food farming is related to commercial farming of all kinds of foods, cereals, staples, etc. Whether it’s about growing grains, fruits, or vegetables, it comes under food farming. Genetic engineering in the food industry is also discussed in food farming.

Processed Food

Processed foods include everything that has been passed through any process before it reaches the end consumer. Whether it’s fries or wheat porridge, cakes, or flour, it comes under the category of processed food. Edible and non-edible oils are also related to this food niche. 

Free Guest Post Submission on Food Blogs

Once you have identified the relevant and specific niche of your website or business, it’s time to start link-building with the help of food blog posts. You can decide if to go for free guest posting or paid ones.

Free guest posts are great for basic link building and increasing your reach when you’re just starting. However, the food bloggers should go for free guest posting on quality websites to get more backlinks to their websites.

We have listed several free food blogs accepting guest posts. You can check out to find one and gear up for submitting free guest posts.

WebsiteDRTrafficSubmit Guest Article

Quality Food Blogs That Accepting Guest Posts

As mentioned earlier, free guest posting is a good technique for taking off and basic link building. However, quality food blogs are necessary to build your domain authority and prove your expertise in the field.

However, finding high-quality and authoritative websites is indispensable if you want more conversions and greater reach to the audience. For instance, a guest post by a dietitian on a reputable blog will automatically increase the credibility and brings in more business. You can also look for free guest post submissions.

We have done the job for you by listing 50+ authority food blogs accepting guest posts. You can check out these blogs and find those that are related to your niche.

Searching Websites That Accept Food Guest Posts

We are positive that you will surely land some good choices from our list of authority food blogs accepting guest posts. We have hand-picked all the quality blogs for you to get started. However, you can always search more to explore more options for you to make guest posts. We have sorted some search terms for you to get started in different niches related to food.

Search the following terms in the Google search bar to look up food blogs.

If you don’t find related search terms for your niche, try our Search Operator Tool and discover more keywords to try in the Google search bar.


Regardless of which business you’re dealing with, guest posting is an effective link-building and SEO strategy. It provides multifold benefits from increasing domain authority to more traffic on your website and positioning your website or business as an authority in the relevant niche.

We hope that our list of 50+ quality food blogs accepting guest posts will help you kick start your link-building journey. Best of luck, foodie!

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