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10 True Benefits of Link Building with Effective Strategies

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The search engine optimization strategy of any website is a product of different factors that impact the ranking and authority of the website. An effective SEO strategy goes beyond putting the right keywords on your website. The right content plan, technical structure, onsite optimization, and off-page optimization work together to give results. 

Similarly, link building is also a significant part of the overall search engine optimization plan. One of the top three Google ranking factors is the backlink profile of a webpage. Google analyzes the backlink profile of a webpage to judge authoritativeness.

Therefore, link building is the most important aspect of any SEO strategy(off-page). With that said, it’s important to quote here that the first ranking webpage on Google SERPs has 3.8x more backlinks than the rest of the results on the first page.

Benefits of Link Building

Despite the significance of link building in SEO strategy and ranking in SERPs, most webmasters often ditch it. The reason might be not being able to get quality backlinks from relevant websites or finding the link building a tedious job. In most cases, both the reasons exist simultaneously. However, these reasons should not be an excuse to ignore your website’s link building.

We have come up with the benefits of link building in SEO to help you understand the importance.

What is Link Building?

Before we jump to the benefits of link building, it’s important to explain link building to those who are new to SEO or want to grow websites organically.

Link building is the SEO strategy of getting links from different websites to your own website or webpage. Links from different websites are commonly called backlinks, inbound links, or hyperlinks. Each backlink is represented with an anchor text that actually brings a reader from another website to your own website. The hyperlinks created in link building are generally one-way(from relevant websites to your website).

Link Building Explained

Link building serves multifold purposes for your website. On the one hand, the users who visit the referring websites get introduced to your business through backlinks. When individuals click on your backlink, they are directed to your linked page. On the other hand, it guides the Google crawlers to add authority to your webpage and rank it higher in the SERPs.

Simply put, link building is an effort to rank your webpage higher than your competitor. It’s also important to understand that link building usually focuses on getting links from relevant non-competitor websites.

There is not a single method of getting backlinks from other websites. We will also discuss some link-building strategies ding for your business and improve the overall SEO of the website. 

Top 10 Benefits of Link Building

Here are the top 10 proven and true benefits of link building for businesses and websites.

1. Boost Organic Traffic

What is the main objective of every business website or blog?

Get more traffic, leads, and conversions! And most importantly, get it in an organic way!

Organic traffic is the one that comes to your website from natural methods. For instance, the paid traffic attracted from Google ads is inorganic traffic. When a user searches specific keywords in the search engine, and a website is shown in the results, he clicks on it, it will be organic traffic.

Guest Post Service

Link building offers you the great benefit of boosting your website’s organic traffic. When the relevant non-competitor authority websites refer to your product, service, or website, it increases your exposure to the target audience.

The high-quality backlinks to your websites improve the organic rankings in SERPs. Therefore, it increases the organic traffic. With more organic traffic, overall SEO score, website health, and web ranking are improved, but it also increases the conversions for your business.

2. Better Search Rankings on Google

Improve Organic Search Ranking

According to statistics by Aira, 69% of marketers think that they can improve search rankings for the most difficult keywords with backlinks to quality websites. There is no question about how backlinks from quality websites result in better search rankings on Google.

According to insights shared by Google, backlinks, content and RankBrain are the top three ranking factors. Besides, the #1 search result has 3.8X more backlinks than the remaining position holders on the first page of Google.

Therefore, marketers shouldn’t undermine link-building in the overall SEO strategy of the website.

3. Increase Brand Reputation & Trust

Brand Reputation & Trust

Reputation and trust come as a bonus when you’re using different link-building strategies for your website. Outreach, guest posting, and infographic link building are some strategies that increase your brand’s reputation and trust.

When you’re guiding the audience or sharing expertise in a relevant field, it positions you and your business as an expert and authority. According to the stats of uSERP, 85% of digital marketers believe that link building is significant in brand building and improving brand authority. 

4. Boosting your website authority

Improves Website Authority

Domain label authority and page label authority are two measures that are defining factors in the website authority or how trustworthy a website is. Page authority relates to a specific webpage, and domain authority relates to the overall website.

Google and other search engines rank a webpage or website based on the PA/UR and DA/DR, respectively. The DA/DR and PA/UR for your website are affected by several factors, and link building is one of the most critical ones. The more high-quality and high-authority websites are linking back to your website for relevant content, the higher the domain label authority of your own website.

5. Improves Brand Visibility and Exposure

Brand Visibility Through Link Building

The internal SEO efforts of any business are to attract more and more organic traffic from the target audience. On-page SEO techniques, content strategy, social media marketing, etc., are different ways to engage the audience, increase brand visibility, attract them to visit your website and have higher conversion rates.  

Similarly, link building also improves brand visibility and exposure. Whenever you have a backlink referring to your website from a unique domain, it increases your brand exposure. The specific set of audience and readers of the referring website becomes your audience as well.

Your brand is introduced to new users through the relevant content. It helps position yourself to new audiences and increase referral traffic.

6. Increase Referral Traffic

Link Building Increase Referral Traffic

Every time you buy a permanent backlink from a unique high-authority website, it increases your exposure to a set of new audiences. Besides, it guarantees sustainable referral traffic from the referring website. Your backlink on quality websites becomes your continuous marketing billboard, and it brings in referral traffic on a regular basis.

However, you must understand a few things about link building on high-quality vs. low-quality websites. 

A lot of people argue about the usefulness of link building and getting backlinks from different websites. Some marketers suggest that 100 backlinks to low-quality websites equal 1 backlink to a high-quality website. It’s true that the backlinks from low authority and low-quality websites are not fruitful for your business.

7. Increase Sales and Revenue

Link Building Increase Sales and Revenue

Organic traffic, referral traffic, higher engagement, etc., resulting from backlinks from high-authority websites, open a lot of new avenues for your business. When your website has more users and traffic than usual, it increases the chances of conversion as well. Therefore, link building to unique websites means more conversion and growth opportunities for your business.

Another revenue generation side is that link building improves your website’s authority. It makes you eligible for running paid promotions, Google AdSense, affiliate programs, collaborations, and sponsorships. It means that you can get access to new income streams to generate higher revenues and profits.

8. More Email Subscribers

Link Building Increase Email Subscriber

An often argued benefit of link building is increased email subscribers or social media followers. Well, different link-building strategies can help you increase your email subscribers as well as social media followers. Whenever you’re posting your content on other websites under guest posting, you can add a call to action for subscribing to your email website for more fresh and informational content updates. Besides, you can also add social media links to drive more traffic to your social accounts as well.

9. Possible Brand Mentions in Social Media

Link Building Increase Brand Mentions

Link building is not the ultimate strategy you will adopt for your business or website. It’s just a beginning of a new world of opportunities for you if you’re doing it right. Link building doesn’t only improve your website authority, brand reputation, or organic traffic to your website. It also increases the chances of brand mentions on social media.

Brand mentions can be defined as when an individual talks about your products or services as a recommendation, reviews, etc. When you’re getting links from different websites through guest posts, social media talks, podcasts, etc., it is positioning your business as an expert to the target audience. The social media influencers, bloggers, or other relevant blogs might be talking about your product and service on their social media, where most buyers exist.

10. Enhance Relationships and Networking in your Niche

Link Building Enhance Niche Networking

The link-building process includes building relationships, having connections, and having conversations. While you might be buying link insertions or guest posts from the service providers like Link Majesty, the relationship and networking side of link building shouldn’t be undermined.

Every time you reach out to industry experts, influencers, bloggers, etc., to promote your content or product, it enhances your relationships with other players in the industry. This networking activity builds mutual trust and brings in more opportunities in the long term.

Different Link Building Strategies That Work

High-quality, relevant content that is useful for the readers is the first and foremost factor. However, you cannot simply rely on the content for landing the links from high-quality websites. It’s also important to understand that old link strategies like spamming comments, PBNs, and forum posts will not build your website authority or improve rankings.

Here are the most popular and authentic strategies for link building:


Outreach or blogger outreach is the act of asking for backlinks from a website. Organically, blogger outreach is the process where business websites or bloggers reach out to high-quality websites and ask for links. If you’re going to make guest posts, you must introduce the websites with your content to help them decide if it’s worth linking or not.

The content might not be necessary in every case of blogger outreach. Sometimes, you might be looking for a link to a product or service, a business name, or even a personality. Whatever the case, the linkable assets should be a win-win for both referring and referred websites for successful outreach.

You can also outsource the outreach service to third-party service providers. You can skip the tedious and time-taking task of outreach and let the experts take care of it. Check our outreach service to get links from high-quality blogs and websites in different niches.

Guest Posting

Guest posting or guest blogging is the old, proven, and obvious link-building strategy. Look for the relevant non-competitor websites in your niche that accept guest posts; buy a guest post from the high-authority websites. However, when you’re looking for different websites for guest blogging, there is a risk of getting spammed by PBNs, low-quality websites, unrelated websites, etc.

Therefore, you must be very careful when looking at and selecting high-authority relevant websites. You can try out our guest posting service on relevant and high-quality websites in your industry. 

Link Insertion

Link insertion is about getting links from already published content on other websites. For instance, if a relevant website has content closely related to your business.

For instance, a home improvement and gardening blog have a published article on the home inspection. It covers different in-home inspection steps and mentions plumbing inspection but hasn’t added the details. You can outreach the blog for link insertion against anchor text ‘plumbing inspection.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is also an effective strategy of link building that involves finding relevant broken links on the websites you want to get a link from. For instance, a high-authority website had content published with anchor text linking to a blog about Google Cloud Devalue. When you click the link, it gives an error saying that the page does not exist.

Suppose the content is relevant to your niche. In that case, you can capitalize on the opportunity by creating similar content against the broken resource and asking the website owner/editor to link to your webpage than the dead resource.

Infographic Link Building

Although infographics link building comes under linkable assets, let’s consider it a separate strategy. You have to create an infographic that deserves a backlink. It requires understanding the audience, their pain points, solution, and how you can help them. Once you have created a well-deserving infographic, you can reach out to blogs for sharing the infographic linking back to your website. On the counter side, many websites might be using the infographic without credits. You can reach out to them and send a friendly email asking for a backlink to the infographic.

Resource Page Link Building

Resources pages are web pages that refer to other web pages with relevant and high-quality content about a specific topic. For instance, a blogger or influencer might have created a list of recommended blogs or websites for readings. A kitchen enthusiast might have several food-related blogs on the read list.

Resource pages are solely meant to link out to other web pages or websites. Therefore, you can look for resource pages and create relevant content if the website has higher authority. The next step is to reach out to the websites and share the content script for linking to.

Unlinked Mentions

Bloggers or influencers might have mentioned your website, product, or business without linking to it. The unlinked mention means that the text is not clickable. It offers a great opportunity for you to get a link from such mentions.

The half job is already done, and all you need to do is to reach out by thanking them for mentioning your product or business. You can use different content exploring tools to find your brand mentioned and start the outreach process.

Create Linkable Assets

Linkable assets can be anything that can help you earn links from authority websites. From tools to calculators, tutorials to infographics, charts to detailed guides can be linkable assets for your business.

Once you have created linkable assets, you have to make the assets visible to your targets. One way of doing it is sharing on social media or doing pay promotions through Facebook ads, Google Adwords, or Pinterest ads.

In short, creating linkable assets is a very effective strategy for link building.

Wrap Up

Unlike common beliefs, link building is not rocket science. It’s technical, takes time, and needs the right execution. Different link-building strategies drive different results, and one strategy might work for one business model and not for another. However, if done rightly, you can reap all the benefits of link building for your business.

Do let us know which link-building strategy worked well for your business model!

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