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60+ Travel & Outdoor Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

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Discover the list of travel blogs that accept guest posts and a lot more. 

The tourism and travel industry was the worst hit during the first two years of the global pandemic. Before the pandemic, the travel and tourism industry contributed 4.7 trillion U.S. dollars to the global GDP.

In the current scenario, it can be expected that the tourism industry will once again flourish and become more competitive. Therefore, it’s imperative for businesses associated with travel and tourism to gear up and get ready to compete and stay ahead.

Travel Sites That Accept Guest Posts

With that said, the companies must work on building their business online and on the ground. SEO is the most critical factor when online presence and visibility are discussed. And guest posting is a crucial and fruitful off-page SEO technique to build domain authority, improve SERPS, expand audiences, and benefit.

Travel & Outdoor Related Topics

Guest posting is a link-building technique that focuses on posting relevant and high-quality content on non-competitor websites in the same industry. However, it can only be done when you have a definition of what is included in the travel and tourism industry.

The travel industry and tourism industry can’t be defined in a concrete way because there is not one clear product. From transport to hoteling, gears to accessories, tourist attractions to commercial events, etc., all come under the domain of travel & tourism.

Here are some of the most common niches and topics related to the travel and outdoor industry.

Travel Planning

Travel planning is a niche that includes everything from itinerary to flight bookings, health insurance to hotel bookings, etc., for the clients. Simply put, the travel agents or planners help clients make all the necessary arrangements before setting on a journey.

Travel Destination

Travel destinations are also a topic that comes under the travel and tourism industry. The blogs covering different travel destinations and tourist attractions around the globe come under this category.


Whether hotel bookings, tourist attractions reservations, or flight bookings, the booking business is one of the most significant parts of the tourism industry.


Hiking is described as an outdoor activity that focuses on walking in natural environments, most commonly the mountains, hills, hiking trails, etc.


Fishing is also a sub-category in the travel and outdoor-related topics, and it comprises fishing activities done as sports by the tourists visiting fishing sites.


Camping is one of the most exotic and relevant topics to tourism and outdoor activities. Camping encompasses the outdoor activities in the natural environment with overnight stays away from home in a tent or at recreational sites.


Just like camping is an outdoor activity to explore nature, kayaking is the use of a kayak to move over water. A kayak is a small water vessel having double-bladed paddles that help to maneuver through waterways.


Biking is also an outdoor activity encompassing exploring mountain trails, bike paths, rough terrains, roads, etc., on a bicycle(electric or others).

Travel Accessories and Gear

Travel accessories and gear businesses are also directly related to the tourism industry. From travel kits to camping tents and bicycles come under this topic.

Travel Photography

Travel photography specifically focuses on capturing the far and near tourist attractions in a city, country, or around the world. You can also capitalize on such blogs or photography businesses to make guest posts.

Free Guest Post Submission on Traveling and Outdoor Blogs

Guest posting is a link-building technique and very effective for expanding audience reach, improving domain authority, and better positioning. You can get started with travel sites that accept guest posts for free to start basic link building for your travel and tourism-related business.

Here is a list of travel blogs that accept guest posts for free:

WebsiteDRTrafficSubmit Guest Article

Although free travel blog guest posting is an effective SEO strategy, it’s only fruitful if you’re getting a link from high-quality blogs with high domain authority.

High-Quality Travel & Outdoor Blogs That Accepting Guest Posts

You already know the benefits of guest posting as a link-building strategy. However, guest posting in high-quality blogs is even more beneficial for your travel and tourism-related business or blog.

When you’re making travel blog guest posts on high-authority domains, it doesn’t only improve your domain authority and expansion of your target audience.

Getting voiced in the positions of the high-quality blog, you and your business as experts in the relevant field. Therefore, you must capitalize on high-quality travel sites and outdoor blogs that accept guest posts.

Here is the ultimate list of 60+ high quality traveling blogs that accept guest posts by relevant businesses and websites:

Way To Find Travel & Outdoor Guest Post Submission Blogs

We have already provided you with 60+ high-quality traveling and outdoor blogs that accept free and paid guest posts. However, you can always try on your own to find more options of blogs and websites accepting guest posts in your relevant niche.

Search the following terms in the Google search bar and check the relevant results for accepting guest posts for travel and outdoor websites.


If you are unable to find the search terms related to your niche, you can use our Search Term Generator tool to find relevant keywords and search terms for your specific niche.


Improving your traveling and outdoor-related business will only start by focusing on the online presence and authority as more people refer to online sources before deciding. Link building was one of the most crucial factors in improving the SERPs and labeled domain authority of websites. Therefore, you must capitalize on the list of travel blogs that accept guest posts related to relevant niches.

Let’s conclude it on a note that whatever niche you’re working in and whichever website you choose for guest posting, high-quality content that is informative and useful for the target audience will be beneficial in the long-term success of your link building.

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